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Professional Photography by Pensacola Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a portrait date?  Call or email, let us know the date and your location and we will let you know if that date is available.  Beach portraits are usually scheduled on weekdays.

Is a deposit required to hold the date?  A deposit of $100.00 is required to hold the date/time for your session.  After selecting your date/time, an online invoice can be sent to you for your deposit payment.  You may pay the online invoice by credit card, OR if you prefer to send a check, you may do so if there is time for us to receive the check prior to the shoot date.  If you decide to cancel the date or not show up once the deposit is received your deposit will be forfeited by you and considered earned.

What is the weather doesn't cooperate and it rains during our scheduled time?  If possible, schedule your portrait time early in your stay in the area.  This way if it does rain, we will make every attempt to schedule another day while you are here. 

What should we wear?  You should wear whatever you are comfortable wearing, and whatever is natural for you.  The standard beach choice is khaki pants and a white shirt; however we welcome your own choices or alternatives.  Blue jeans and a white or light colored shirt is also a good choice.  We would recommend a solid color shirt, and if people are wearing different colors, just make sure they are in the same color tone.  For example, pinks, blues and yellows are fine as long as they are in the same tonal range--toss in a neon green, and it just will not work as well.  Your portraits should look natural when you or anyone else sees them; not like you are dressed up in someone else's clothes.  For a couple, shirts do not have to be exact--she can wear a dress that coordinates with his shirt, for example.  For a family, a multitude of different prints and colors puts the focus of the photo on the clothing instead of the subjects.  Coordination, not necessarily matching, is the key. Ladies/young girls:  please take into consideration that white Cotton dresses and blouses/tops are see thru in the outdoor lighting!! Please take this into consideration when choosing what to wear for beach photography. Also, we do many different combination shots and you will be sitting down and standing, so please wear something that is appropriate and will allow for this.

The beach at our hotel/condo/house is very crowded, or there is construction, or it is not particularly versatile--is there another location for our portraits?  Call us and we can easily direct you to another nearby location that is a much nicer setting, less beach-goers, buildings or other obstructions.  Most areas we use have wonderful sand dunes with beautiful sea oats (seasonal) an attractive boardwalk, clean sand and beautiful shoreline. 

We would like a portrait while we are on vacation, but not necessarily at the beach--are there other locations?  Yes, we will be happy to plan your portrait session anywhere you would like--a park, historic area, even your boat!

What style, and number of poses can I expect at the portrait session?  First of all, we want you to be comfortable, we want your portrait to reflect your personality.  We are not the type of photographer that sets up a tripod in one spot and takes a few shots of the same poses.  We move around, we're in the sand, we're even in the water sometimes.  We will take shots of the whole family, some of just mom and dad, some of the children, mom and infant, dad and son, and any other combination, including individual shots of each family member.  We will move you from the boardwalk, to the dunes and to the shoreline.  If your portrait session is at a location other than the beach, we will use the areas natural environment and architectural structures to enhance your portraits.

We are from out of town, how do we get our photos?  We will mail your proofs to the address you provide us.  You should receive your proofs in a custom cover bound proof portfolio within three weeks depending on the time of the year.  Additionally your proofs will be posted online in your own gallery and storefront in both color and black and white for a minimum of one year.

What is a proof?  A proof is the picture you receive in order to make your selections for enlargements and reprints.  If a proof is not necessarily perfect, don't worry, all pictures selected for enlargement are individually adjusted prior to printing.  Your proofs are presented in a custom designed bound proof portfolio.  These photos are printed 6 to a 8.5x11 pages and bound; they can not be removed.   Additionally your proofs are presented for a minimum of one year in our online storefront in both color and black and white for each image.  If you wish to purchase a set of 4x5 proofs, you may do so.  Please see the examples below.  The 4x5 proofs will have the studio name printed on the bottom of the proof and are printed with a professional proofing process to inhibit copying.   If you are including multi-families in your portrait session, please look at the family reunion options and select your package accordingly. High definition digital proofs are ready to print in proof size 4x5 or share on your social media sites.

How do I order enlargements? 

  • We own our online store front to make ordering as easy as possible.  When your photo session has been posted you will be given a link to your gallery.  Create a user name and password before ordering so you may view the supersized images that contain the order form.  Ordering is as simple as clicking on the picture, bringing up the super sized image, and indicating the size and quantity of each image.  WE accept PayPal,Visa, Master Card, and American Express in our online store front.
  • Alternatively you can email the list of your enlargements, the size of the image, quantity, and if in color or black and white to whitesandsweddings@yahoo.com with the subject: ENLARGEMENTS.  Please be sure to enclosed contact information.

If you have any questions about ordering your enlargements, just contact us, we will be happy to help you with your order.


Professional Photography by Pensacola Photography, LLC